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🤔 Breakthrough Facilitation is for...


Remote Team Leaders

You want to build your people-leading skills, increase engagement in meetings, and get the best out of your teams


Course Creators

You're a creator, instructor, or trainer who wants to deliver interactive content, build community, and empower your students to take action


Coaches and Consultants

You want to pivot from 1:1 to 1:many by offering interactive live experiences scaling your offering while maintaining quality

If any of these sound familiar, 👋 Say hello to Breakthrough Facilitation!

Breakthrough Facilitation is a 5-week LIVE immersive experience where you’ll walk away with a fully-designed online session that’s ready to be delivered to your audience.

You’ll discover exactly how to confidently design & lead engaging sessions that empower people to take action…while getting custom step-by-step support & personalized feedback from an intimate group of expert facilitators every step of the way.

📢 What Alumni are saying...

This course exceeded my expectations. I joined Breakthrough Facilitation to sharpen my facilitation skills. I now use the BF framework to design all of my virtual sessions. I am more confident. The quality of my sessions has improved. My participants are more engaged earlier on in the sessions. I get raving feedback on the new techniques and activities.

Mathilde Leo

Mathilde Leo

Head of Community at Circle

I used to face what I call the “facilitator’s struggle. It felt like a constant effort to get my group members onboard and keep them engaged. With Breakthrough Facilitation I supercharged my skills as a group leader. Now I have a playbook that I can use in all my sessions. I even designed a hybrid version of my workshop that will reach 4x more people.”

Zab Wakesa

Zab Wakesa

Trainer, African Circular Economy Network

🤷 “Does anyone want to share?”

Silence… 20 Zoom squares stare blankly back at you.


Your voice starts to crack. Most participants have turned their cameras off. The rest are looking in any direction but you.
“Okayyy…Let’s move on then…”

Running a virtual group session can feel like pushing a boulder up a hill.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

Imagine kicking off your interactive workshop or group coaching session with a group of participants who are excited to be there.

Imagine people engaging with your activities, bonding, having fun, and being able to see the sparks and “aha!” moments.

Imagine the discussion is so good you could continue talking for hours.

By the end of the session, you feel satisfied, energized, and accomplished!

That’s what you want every single session to be like.

That’s how you want to feel.

And I’m going to help you get there.

Running virtual meetings doesn’t have to feel like pushing a boulder up a hill.

Running virtual meetings doesn’t have to feel like pushing a boulder up a hill.

Imagine this
Gwyn Wansbrough - Breakthrough Facilitation

👋 Hi, I’m Gwyn Wansbrough

I’m a facilitator, learning experience designer, and someone who’s spent thousands of hours on Zoom. Literally!

For the last 20+ years, I have trained thousands of team leaders on how to design & deliver valuable group sessions – then Covid hit. The pandemic was a crash course in adapting the tools of connection to online spaces. All of this experience helped me develop a repeatable process for creating high-engagement live online sessions that I call the Breakthrough Facilitation Model.

Using this framework, I’ve helped over 1,350 people confidently design and lead online experiences that spark breakthrough - from corporate trainers to university professors, teachers, community leaders, course creators, and more.

And now you can become one of them!

The Breakthrough Facilitation method gave us a framework for creating successful online experiences.

After Gwyn worked her magic, we had more people speaking up and participating in our program. There was definitely a buzz in that Zoom room!

Billy Broas

Billy Broas

Keystone Accelerator Course Creator

My own understanding of what it means to truly lead and enable a group has been transformed by working with Gwyn and watching her design and execute multiple sessions revealing the discipline and planning that goes into a successful digital group meeting.

Steven Wilkinson

Steven Wilkinson

Leadership Coach, Visioning Expert

🧭 Whether you are a

Breakthrough Facilitation will help you level up and become an EXCEPTIONAL facilitator.

Together, we’ll implement the Breakthrough Facilitation model so you can go from running “just another meeting” to leading fun, highly-interactive online sessions that result in transformation for your participants. Every single time.

And because learning sticks when you apply it to your own projects… You’ll get to design AND lead your very own live session!

Throughout the entire experience, you'll apply the techniques and tools you learn each week to designing a Capstone Project of your choice.

This can be a live webinar you're planning to host, a presentation you want to create, or a training program you want to refine.

Then, you'll practice facilitating this demo session in front of an intimate group of peers and get personalized, laser-focused, constructive feedback from me and BF alumni who have successfully used the framework to supercharge their online sessions.

By the end, you’ll walk away with a well-designed, results-driven online session you can confidently deliver again and again. AND use as a blueprint to design all your future sessions!

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Your BF Community

Here’s How it Works 👇

Breakthrough Facilitation is NOT a self-paced course that's bloated with theory and one-size-fits-all tactics. It's an immersive group learning experience that combines the power of peer-to-peer learning with real-time implementation.

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1. Get a Personalized Snapshot

You’ll start by getting a personalized snapshot of your current strengths as a facilitator AND the transferable skills you can apply from other areas of your life.

(Because I guarantee that the qualities that make you a great business owner or partner ― qualities like empathy, active listener, and resilience ― will also make you an exceptional facilitator!)

Based on this, we’ll be able to identify the specific areas you need extra feedback on. And how to customize the course curriculum to your specific goals!

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2. Understand the Framework

Every module is released in order over 5 weeks so you have time to process what you’re learning, and start implementing it in your real-life group work straight away!

You’ll get access to the BF Toolkit with loads of activities, prompts, templates, and resources that you can use and adapt to the needs of your sessions and groups. You’ll never be stuck for ideas!

You’ll also have time to practice your skills during our live sessions so you don’t feel like you’re falling behind.

Muscle 2x

3. Practice Your Skills and Accelerate Your Progress

Every week, you'll have the opportunity to participate in two 90 min live sessions where I’ll “lift the curtain” and deconstruct the exact tools and techniques I use to create an online experience that engages people from beginning to end.

You’ll discover all my best secrets to creating dynamic sessions. PLUS, you’ll get the opportunity to practice those newfound gems in real time via live interaction with other group members.

Target 2x

4. Complete Your Capstone Project

This is where the rubber meets the road! Each week, you'll be guided through exercises to design your own online session. This is dedicated time for you to put your new skills into action straight away so the learnings truly stick.

Then, you’ll get the opportunity to lead your demo session in front of an intimate group of peers who will cheer you on. AND you’ll get detailed feedback on your facilitation skills from me and course alumni so you know exactly how to level up.

By the end, you’ll have designed, created, and facilitated your own session from start-to-finish.

The first live session I did after BF was the best session I've ever delivered. I finally understood that power of community was not having to give all the "answers" in one place. But instead creating a space where my members feel heard, understood, and supported.

My favorite part was the demo project we each shared. I loved getting inspired by everyone else's sessions and getting feedback. I promise you there is something new you'll learn from this course!

Jackie Aguglia

Jackie Aguglia

Growth Manager, Tryinteract.com

🎉 By the end of this 5-week sprint you’ll be able to...

👉 Design AND lead engaging online sessions without spending hours (over)preparing Whether it’s a webinar, corporate training, or 30-min Q&A call, you’ll know exactly how to structure and run powerful sessions in a way that leaves everyone feeling energized and accomplished.

👉 Deal with unexpected issues and challenges as they come up during live sessions No more stressing about tech breakdowns, dominating participants, or awkward silences! You’ll be equipped to go with the flow, steer the conversation back on track, and appear as cool as a cucumber while you’re doing it.

👉 Create the right conditions for safety and hold space for your participants You’ll know exactly how to warm up your audience, make them feel safe, and empower them to speak up from the moment they enter the Zoom room.

👉 Improve engagement & connection within the group. Be prepared for your group participation to skyrocket! You’ll know exactly what tools, icebreakers, and activities to break out to get a group of strangers bonding like they’re high school besties.

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BF screenshot - Thank you

As soon as I saw the BF framework, I knew it was going to be a game-changer for my programs and regular coaching calls.

Before Breakthrough Facilitation, I wasn't very clear on how to give my participants an amazing experience and I lacked knowledge and confidence when it came to keeping everyone engaged. I struggled to get participants to feel comfortable talking in a group, and usually did a lot more talking than listening.

After going through the program, my online events are completely different. Now people raise their hands to participate, how to help them feel more comfortable and engaged. Events are so much easier to run now. No more long, painful silences when I ask for participation. If you lead virtual meetings or events, the skills you’ll learn in this program will make you a better leader. Worth every penny.

Christy Brennand

Christy Brennand

Co-creator, More Heart, Less Body

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✔️ Here’s Exactly What You Get

Once you join Breakthrough Facilitation, here’s exactly what you get.


10 x 90-min Sessions

For you to get real-time support, practice your facilitation skills, and implement everything you’re learning. This is also where reveal every tool, technique, and strategy I use to facilitate transformative sessions.


6 Pre-recorded Videos

On core facilitation concepts. This will equip you with a rock-solid foundation in facilitation and experience design that you can refer back to 
again and again even after the course is finished.


A 15-min 1:1 “Intro” Call

To get clear on your goals, and how I can help you move forward. I’m personally invested in seeing you succeed, so this helps me understand how I can best provide you with feedback during our live sessions.


Personalised Report

You’ll receive a pre-and post-course assessment that will help chart your progress and identify opportunities for growth. You’ll receive a PDF copy of the report so you can continue to focus on areas for improvement.


Online Community

An intimate online space where you can access ongoing support, ask questions, and bounce ideas off others on how to improve your session. These people will be your biggest cheerleaders and even your future collaborators!


The BF Toolkit

Swipe all the practical frameworks, templates, activities, outlines, and activities you need to supercharge your online sessions. (Yep! You’re getting access to every single resource I use to design and lead my own virtual experiences.)


BONUS 30 and 60 day Meetups!

We offer two group check-in calls after the course to help you overcome any roadblocks you faced while facilitating your sessions “in the real world”, reconnect with the community, and get even more support!

I was regularly teaching online classes that would fall into the “nervous talker” category. In other words they were very presentation heavy and not as interactive as I wanted them to be. Breakthrough Facilitation gave me the tools to make my lessons interactive.

The course modeled what we were learning. It gave me a framework so I’m never trying to figure out where to start. Knowing how to build commitment and engagement means that in my sessions now everyone is on camera and participating. I loved this course!

Ryan Clover - Maple Creative

Ryan Clover

Instructor, Maple Creative

🗓️ Take a look at your next 5 weeks 👇

The only way to transform how you lead virtual sessions is to experience what exceptional facilitation feels and looks like. Understand the exact facilitation techniques and conditions in play. And put those skills into practice so you can transform your learnings into real actionable change.

That's exactly what we'll do inside Breakthrough Facilitation.

We call this the onboarding week. You’ll get everything you need to get set up for success in the course before the live sessions start (in week 1).

Here’s what it looks like:

👉Get a personalized snapshot of your current strengths & challenge areas so you can identify your learning goals

👉Organize a 1:1 onboarding call so I can understand your facilitation goals, how I can best support you, and chart your journey from average to exceptional facilitator!

👉Gain access to the BF Circle community platform so you can start connecting with other course participants

👉Watch a series of short pre-recorded videos to prepare you for your BF journey and foundational facilitation concepts so you are ready to jump in with both feet in the first live session.

I lead a lot of virtual sessions for the online course and community I run. I signed up for Breakthrough Facilitation because I wanted to level up my skills.

I wanted to find the right balance between content and connection and to be able to create the conditions for my group to share more.

Breakthrough Facilitation gave me new tools and a mindset to be more aware and mindful when designing sessions. The lesson on Building Psychological Safety really stuck with me. I no longer rush openings to get to the content.

I now know that getting people to warm up takes time, and that’s okay. 

The biggest impact is that I am more confident, intentional, and empathetic. I have discovered ways to get creative with my content delivery. Experiencing the live sessions with like-minded people who truly care about the future of virtual facilitation was priceless.

Ghalizha Z. Izzaty - Notion Consultant and Course Creator

Ghalizha Z. Izzaty

Notion Consultant & Course Creator

BF - Question Mark

📋 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about the program. If there's anything left unanswered please contact us hello@breakthrough-facilitation.com

We don't have dates yet for the next cohort.

Join the interest list and you'll be the first to receive registration links, invites to free demo sessions, and special bonuses.

👀 Here's a Sneak Peak of Some of The Tools We'll Use

Along with the community of peers, live sessions, recorded lessons, and Breakthrough Facilitation Toolkit is the ability to chart your journey through the program with the virtual Facilitator Coefficient and Breakthrough Arc.

📈 Virtual Facilitator Coefficient

Breakthrough Facilitation begins and ends with a snapshot of your virtual facilitation skills. This gives you real data on how you’ve grown throughout our time together and charts specific opportunities for you to continue growing as a facilitator.

Virtual Facilitator Coefficient Example - Ryan Clover

Breakthrough Arc & Session Design Template

You also receive the Breakthrough Arc Miro Template and Session Outline document. You'll use this to craft a session and work on your Capstone Project. The template is a tool you can take forward with your facilitation work.

BF Arc Miro

I signed up for Breakthrough Facilitation because I was in the process of scaling my online entrepreneurship boot camps. I wanted to be confident that whatever training I delivered would be even better than in person.

The Breakthrough Arc framework has been a game-changer. I’ve used it to re-design my sessions so I can set my students up for success.

I’ve got way more tips and tricks in my facilitator toolkit to increase engagement. I know they work because I no longer struggle to get my students to turn their cameras on. I give this course a 10/10.

I personally got a lot out of the course. If you are looking to level up your online facilitation and lead fantastic sessions you will too.

D. Darren MacDonald

D. Darren MacDonald

Mashup Lab Lead Program Facilitator

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🤗 What Students Are Saying

One of my main reasons for joining every session was to see Gwyn role model what good facilitation practices are.

Good facilitation is almost like magic, right? It just happens in the background.  But you have this great experience now like, “Okay, that was great, but I have no idea why”

So to be able to see it in real time, and then having the opportunity to deconstruct what was making it flow was priceless.

Charlotte Crowther - MySnapshot

Charlotte Crowther

Founder MySnapshot

The Breakthrough Facilitation Arc is one of the most creative tools I've seen to help structure a session.

It breaks things down into actionable steps that any facilitator can use to craft a powerful session.

Allegra Stein

Allegra Stein


Before Breakthrough Facilitation I hadn’t facilitated or designed activities in any purposeful way. I tended towards lectures and Q&A.

In Breakthrough Facilitation I learned that my work is much more about setting up and making space for discovery and learning than simply conveying knowledge. 

I am about to launch 2 new online programs in my business so the timing couldn’t have been better.

Julie Trelstad

Julie Trelstad

Book Publishing Strategist & Course Creator

I got so much out of Breakthrough Facilitation. It taught me how to create psychological safety and connection at the start of my cohorts so that we can go further and faster as a group.

I feel so much better equipped to guide the group. Facilitation is such a useful skill to have!

Alexis Kahn

Alexis Kahn

Lead Instructor, Terra.org

Great facilitators are not born, they are made.

The Breakthrough Facilitation course allowed me to uncover my unique facilitation style.  The best part of the course was learning from decades of expertise of Gwyn and other community members. 

So, if you are ready to become a superstar facilitator no matter whichever field or area of expertise you come from, this course is for you.

Aarushi Singhania - Course Creator Coach & Consultant

Aarushi Singhania

Course Creator Coach & Consultant

After taking Breakthrough Facilitation I noticed a big change in my facilitation. I am more confident and creative. 

The support and encouragement of the team and the community allowed me to take risks that I otherwise would not have taken.

Now my group members are more engaged. And I am more passionate and excited about what I am creating. If you are on the fence just join. You won’t regret it!

Andrew Holmes

Andrew Holmes

Social Worker and Pastor

I was coming with a few years of experience facilitating diverse audiences before I joined Breakthrough Facilitation - and my learning curve was steep!

My focus had always been on content but this program provided a framework that helped me prioritize my audience to create engaging and transformative experiences.

I loved my accountability group and the diverse cohort that pushed me to do the demos and helped me identify and validate my strengths.

Asra Khan

Asra Khan

Learning Designer

The Breakthrough Facilitation course exceeded my expectations. It’s given me amazing techniques, tools, and a framework that I now use to design and facilitate my online sessions. 

I learned so much from being in a cohort with other facilitators facing the same challenges as me. I feel more confident and prepared to lead online meetings, workshops, and training sessions. I highly recommend Breakthrough Facilitation for anyone who wants to take their virtual facilitation to the next level.

Flor Estevez

Flor Estevez

Facilitator, Trainer, Course Creator & Teacher

Before Breakthrough Facilitation I often struggled with holding a conversation and ensuring equal participation. I didn’t know if my participants were feeling comfortable and safe.

By relying on discussion it was hard to make topics interesting for my group. I have a lot more clarity about how to create psychological safety and engage participants throughout the session.

This is the best place to deep dive into the process of virtual facilitation and improve your confidence and skills.

Nazia Perween

Nazia Perween

Life Skill Facilitator, Dream A Dream India

This course took me from feeling scattered to being much more clear and sequential. I now put more focus into preparing my workshops. I am using so many of tools Gwyn demonstrated. If you are delivering live online workshops this is a must.

The professional materials, organization, the dedication of the team, the live demonstrations of what you are teaching are all top notch, high quality and professional. This course is a fine tuned machine!

Kelly Terbasket

Program Director & Co-founder, IndigenEYEZ

I have been leading virtual trainings for a while now. Taking this course has helped me improve skills like time management, creating good openings and closings, and how to use the chat, polls, and other virtual tools. 

This course was quite helpful, especially the feedback of all the colleagues and the trainers who made a big effort to make the course funny, interesting and complete. It provided me with information that I didn't have before.

Najat El Mzouri Chekroune

Najat El Mzouri Chekroune

International trainer and translator

I've gained so many tools and resources in the Breakthrough Facilitation course that have bolstered my facilitation confidence.

These tools have paved the way for more psychological safety and connection; the results of which I think deepens engagement, vulnerability, authenticity and meaning for the participants and myself.

Kim Russell

Kim Russell

Creative Arts Facilitator, IndigenEYEZ

As a very experienced facilitator, I loved Breakthrough Facilitation. Before the course I was trying to figure out how to transform some of my standard facilitation tools into online versions. 

Breakthrough Facilitation exposed me to new tools and ways of thinking about online facilitation. The people were amazing. Gwyn’s Facilitation is fantastic. It was a truly uplifting experience.

Nadia Chaney

Nadia Chaney

Facilitator, Founder of Toolsi

Breakthrough Facilitation was an amazing experience for me. I now have a template that I use for designing and facilitating consultation sessions for my App. 

Gwyn is a very experienced facilitator who knows how to teach the principles of great facilitation. I also met a lot of amazing people in the cohort. I definitely recommend it!

Dominic Zijlstra

Dominic Zijlstra

Founder, Traverse.Link

🤝 Breakthrough Facilitation is For You If...

You regularly lead live virtual group sessions and…

✔️ You want to ensure every live session is delivered in a way that will inspire action, not just nod their heads.

✔️ You struggle to make sessions consistently interesting and engaging for students. You want a repeatable and effective process to lead sessions that flow and leave you (and your students) feeling energized.

✔️ You want to unlock more learning and connection among participants instead of always talking at them.

✔️ You want to be observed leading a group session so you can get personalized feedback on how to improve.

✔️ You are looking for a framework you can use to take the guesswork out of leading sessions that motivate and inspire.

✔️ You want to deepen group connection and see more engagement and collaboration in your community space.

✔️ You are looking for fresh ways and new tools to shake up your content and presentation.

✔️ You want to sharpen your online facilitation skills to open new professional opportunities.

✔️ You know how to facilitate in-person events, but you’re struggling to make the shift online.

Past participants include

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